The Frankopan tower

Right next to the hotel, there is the renaissance fortress Frankopan tower and Đula’s abyss. The Frankopan tower was built by the Frankopan noble family at the end of the 15th century. Nowadays, it is the place of the Heritage Museum where you can find the archaeological, ethnographic and mountaineering collection, as well as the collection of old weapons and the memorial room of Ivana Brlić-Mažuranić

Đula’s abyss

In the centre of Ogulin the river Dobra sinks into Đula’s abyss. The canyon is 40 metres deep. Excursionists and tourists can see this hydrogeological monument of nature from two lookouts. One is located near the Frankopan Castle and the other one is in the Scout Park. The stone cliffs of Đula's abyss are often a training ground for climbers, and the underground world of Ogulin attracts speleologists.

Đula’s abyss is also the largest entrance to the cave system. Đula’s abyss - Medvednica is the longest cave system in Croatia, with a total horizontal channel length of 16,369 meters. Ogulin is the only town in Croatia and among the few in the world that was built above cave halls and canals rich in water and calcite ornaments. The longest cave pipe stretches below the main street in Ogulin Bernardin Frankopan Street.

According to the legend, the abyss was named after a young girl Đula who lived in Ogulin in the 16th century. Due to unhappy love, she threw herself into the abyss of the river Dobra, and since then the people of Ogulin have called the abyss Đula’s abyss.