Heritage hotel Frankopan

The hotel is located in the centre of Ogulin, the centre of continental Croatia with the tourist area of Plitvice Lakes on the east, the wooded Gorski Kotar on the west, and the Northern Adriatic on the south. 

We are located next to the old Frankopan castle from the 16th century built by the noble family Frankopan. Opposite the hotel, you can find Đula’s abyss, a hydrogeological monument of nature, where the river Dobra disappears under rocky cliffs in the enormous chasm in the city centre. The view from the cliff leaves many tourists breathless.  Đula’s abyss, together with the Medvednica cave, creates the longest speleological object in Croatia.  The name of the abyss is related to the legend of the girl Đula or Zulejka, who fell into the abyss because of unrequited love. 

Above Ogulin is the mountain Klek, which is 1,182 m high. It is one of the most attractive and popular mountaineering destinations in Croatia, topped by a 200 m high rocky head that is the cradle of Croatian mountaineering and alpinism. Klek has always spurred people’s imagination, so the legend of the witches of Klek was created. According to the legend, during stormy nights, witches, fairies, and elves from all over the world gather on Klek around midnight.

The building of the Hotel Frankopan was originally built in the 18th century for administrative purposes, and at the end of the 19th century, it was converted into a hotel and catering space. The hotel has urban, architectural, and historical-artistic features, and two Ogulin residents, Milan Ceranić and Milan Rupčić, completely renovated the hotel in the summer of 2007. It is categorised as a four-star hotel, and in December 2017 the hotel received a new category of heritage hotel from the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Croatia.


The hotel is valued as a protected cultural asset of national importance, and the facility is located in the A historical zone of the historical-urban ensemble of the town of Ogulin.


Awards and recognitions for our work

2080. i 2009. godine – Kvaliteta za Hrvatsku- 3rd place award in the category of hotels of the year, small hotels of Continental Croatia.

2011. godine – Kvaliteta za Hrvatsku- 1st place award in the category of hotels of the year,  small and family hotels of Continental Croatia.

2014. godine – Turistički cvijet – Kvaliteta za Hrvatsku- 3rd place award in the category of small hotels on the continent.

2015. godine – Turistički cvijet – Kvaliteta za Hrvatsku- 2nd place award in the category of small and friendly hotels in Croatia, ADRIA 2015 finalist, the category of small and family hotels.

Od 2008. Gastronaut Croatica  - 12 years in a row our restaurant has been recognized as one of 100 leading restaurants in Croatia

Good rest near A1!

Big room, nice staff, restaurant available on site. We needed a place to rest during our trip to croatian island and this hotel is close to A1 highway.

Stefaniabo, booking.com, Italy

Very good!

Very big room with a good furniture. Comfortable bed. Sufficient breakfast. Free parking. Nice town.

Liudmila, booking.com, Russia


…location, comfortable, tidy room, parking with monitoring (camera) great serpentines around (motor bikers!)

Jenő, booking.com, Hungary

Very nice hotel + very friendly staff!

Great staff at reception and restaurant, very nice fresh and delicious breakfast. 10/10

Tin, booking.com, Hrvatska

Very good!

Staff very helpful and always with a smile. Food is well cooked and served with a full plate. 

David, booking.com, UK

Very good!

We were on a cycle tour and they provided us with a safe place to lock our bikes. The staff were so friendly and helpful.

Steve, booking.com, Australia