Klek enchants with its beauty and uniqueness and is one of the most attractive and popular mountain destinations in Croatia. This prominent mountain above Ogulin, with its 200 metre high rocky head, can be approached from various directions, but the most popular one is from the village of Bjelsko on the road Ogulin - Jasenak. Although it is relatively steep, it is the shortest. After 50’ climb through the forest, you reach the mountain lodge Klek (1000 m) under the peak rock. The climb from the mountain lodge to the very top takes 30′.

With its enigmatic and mystical appearance, this mountain has inspired legends since ancient times. According to folklore, the top of Klek is a gathering place for witches on stormy nights, which have become the symbol of Klek and Ogulin. The top of Klek allows some beautiful views of Ogulin, Sabljaci Lake, Belolasica Mountain, and especially the view of the picturesque rocks of Klečica.

Klek's peak was the first training school of Croatian alpinists and a large number of climbing championships were performed there, which is why Klek is called the cradle of Croatian mountaineering.


This secluded peak is somewhat overshadowed by the popularity of Klek, and it is mostly climbed by the local population.

It is a great addition to another trip around Ogulin. From the direction of Ogulin towards Bjelsko (3 km from the Hotel Frankopan) there is an extension marked Stožac on the left of the road. You can climb to the top of the hill using 306 wooden stairs or choose a regular forest path which takes 30 minutes. Children love it precisely because of the wooden stairs. It is an ideal place to have a picnic at the top and enjoy the view of Klek. 

After the picnic, you can take a short walk to a few beautiful marked lookouts and to the rocky Škura dredges, which look like cyclopean creations.