Banquet organisation

Your banquets, business gatherings, weddings, and celebrations can be taken to another level with creative delicacies from our kitchen.

You want to present yourself as a good host to your guests or business partners. We want to make your event perfect and it is important to us that you feel comfortable during the event. 

We offer your guests something interesting and different, something that will catch their attention immediately upon arrival and flavours they will remember for a long time.

We provide catering  for 10 to 1000 people within 100 km of the hotel. 

Catering includes full or partial service:

  • Food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages including hot beverages
  • Waiter and chef provided
  • Rental of bar and cooking equipment, bar tables, benches and tablecloths
  • Occasional decor for specific events


Cold cuts  I  Hot appetisers  I  Finger food  I  Bruschetta  I  Salads  I  Fruit  I  Meat dishes I  Fish dishes  I  Side dishes  I  Desserts

Our famous “Sweet table” is almost an inevitable part of our catering. Our very special, visually impressive desserts will delight everyone’s taste buds. From a dessert cream in a glass, various cakes, rolls, pancakes, small sweet snacks like meringue cookies and cake pops to fruit decorations it is hard for our guests to decide what to try first.

Our talented, caring, and creative team is committed to making your wishes come true, which is why many private individuals and businesses have chosen us as their catering service in recent years. With our top quality food and service, a good time is guaranteed.

Every catering service that we do is a special story which we create with you, according to your needs and preferences. We create a personalised offer according to your wishes and guide you through the organisation of the event.

If we managed to put a smile on your face, we succeeded. 

Request a personalised offer and leave your guests breathless.