­The Sabljaci Lake is a true pearl of the Ogulin region, and the eleventh largest lake in Croatia. From this year, the “sea of Ogulin” has been marked by a blue flag. The lake is suitable for fishing and boat rides, and for swimming in the summer. It stretches over 5 km in length, covering an area of 170 ha. The distance from the Frankopan Hotel is 4 kilometers.

The Bukovnik Lake is located 1 km away from the Frankopan Hotel. This is an accumulation lake created after the construction of a dam on the Dobra. The lake is especially attractive for fishing.

Shmit Lake is located 10 km away from Hotel Frankopan, in the village of Zagorje Ogulinsko. The lake is situated on a slope of Velika Kapela Mountain, and is 60 meters deep. The local legend has it that St. George saved a girl from the dragon there, and the hoof print from his horse is still visible in a rock beside the lake.