­The Dobra River’s source is in the vicinity of Skrad in Gorski Kotar. The entire flow of the river passes through a picturesque landscape surrounded by tame meadows and steep canyons.

In the village of Vrbovsko, the Dobra is joined by a tributary stream called Kamačnik. In the town of Ogulin, the river plummets underground into Đula's Chasm, and continues to flow under ground all the way to the village of Gojak, where it reappears above ground. This is the location of the hydroelectric power plant Gojak which has helped develop rafting on the river through its water release regime. This part of the Dobra is well known as one of the most attractive rafting locations in Croatia. A waterfall called Veliki Buk, where the Bistrac Stream joins the Dobra, is one of the most exciting rafting drops. Further downstream, you reach Lešće. Flowing for 104 kilometers, the Dobra finally flows into the Kupa near the village of Donje Pokuplje.

The Zagorska Mrežnica River starts in the village of Ogulinsko Zagorje and flows into the accumulation lake of Sabljaci. From the lake, a tunnel is used to transport the river water to the Gojak hydroelectric plant.